Red Rocks


High City Limo offers red rocks party bus service and it is a fantastic way to make a 30 minute ride ALMOST as fun as the show itself. We are exceedingly overqualified for hauling you and your friends to the concert and back safely. We have 20 years of professional driving experience.

Our 23 Passenger Party Bus to Red Rocks

We are based in Highlands. If you can meet there, you can save money.

Only $625 round trip from Highlands area!!


  • Dancing Pole
  • BT Sound system
  • Light show
  • BYOB
  • TV
  • 420 Friendly


Passenger Party Bus to Red Rocks

High City Limo provides your whole party transportation to Red Rocks from Denver on a private chartered party bus for you and all of your best your homies.

Call or text 720-515-2033



Highlands to Red Rocks $625 (Zone 1)

Denver to Red Rocks $650 (Zone 2)

Outer Denver Area $700 (Zone 3)

Boulder to Red Rocks $750  (Zone 4)


How does $30 per person sound? If you are sharing the cost of a party bus to Red Rocks, that is what it will break down to. Just $30 each. Prices do not include gratuity.

When you split the price between 23 people, the price is about $30 per person. Anyone can afford $30, even if you work at Taco Bell.

Do not miss out on Umphreys Mcgee at Red Rocks. Umphrey’s shows always get booked early. Get your best party people together early enough and call High City Limo before its booked. We specialize in really good parties. Please bring the good vibes on our luxury Red Rocks Party Bus from Boulder. Boulder is more $$ because it add about 3 hours of driving for your chauffeur.


When you rent a party bus to Red Rocks, Not only can you bring a cooler full of delicious colorado craft beer. You can bring your jacket and snacks and lock them on the bus for after the show. You can’t do that with uber. We lock your stuff up safe and sound. You will be so stoked when you get back from the show to see your beer waiting for you on the party bus, right where you left it.

Who cares if the Freeway is a parking lot when you can be sipping a short glass of craft whiskey with friends. Our Red Rocks party bus service is for the kind of people who want jam hard. Widespread Panic fans are my personal favorite. They party hard, but never disrespectful. We do love all the jam bands! EDM shows bring some of the nicest fans too. Hippies, Wooks, and ravers wearing way too little clothes are all welcome. We love them all! Our vehicles can accommodate all of your homies together in one place. This environment stimulates exciting conversations and wacky jokes. Dare your friend to have a dance on the stripper pole. I bet she’s just been waiting for someone to suggest it.

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People 21 years of age and older can smoke weed in Colorado. We are cool it on our buses. We ask that no tobacco is smoked on the bus. Yes that includes blunts and spliffs. No Tobacco! Blaze up though. Just remember weed hits you harder when drinking. You want pace yourself. Many Red rocks shows can last 6 or more hours. You do not have to worry about the driving at all.

We only hire experienced drivers. Our drivers are well trained and know the roads, and he will take you to Red Rocks lower south lot in style and safely without hassle. Our company is licensed and insured, the drivers are licensed and our fleet of party busses is inspected daily for the safety of everyone on board.
Party Buses are created to enjoy the travel time between Denver area to red rocks for big groups of people. They are like a nightclub on wheels. It has a dancing pole, 42 inch TVs, stereo sound system and fancy neon lights. However, the best part about the limo bus is the price.

Party Bus from Boulder to Red Rocks

$750 round trip from Boulder to Red Rocks


Get picked up in a 420 friendly party bus for up to 23 people and driven to Red Rocks. Please keep in mind 23 in the hard limit.


We can swoop your party up to 2 1/2 hours before the music starts. This way you can party in the lot for a bit before you go in. We will be in the party bus lot after the show. You have 30 minutes to get back to the bus after the music ends. There will be extra fees if we need to wait for some of your party.

23 passenger Party Bus