Denver Bachelor Parties
Denver Bachelor Parties

Denver has become the best place to have a bachelor party. It has dethroned Las Vegas as the fun place to get away for a weekend. Bachelor parties have increased 600% since 2015. Companies providing fun and exciting things to keep party going have too. Denver’s party industry has grown to keep up with the growing demand. This article will give you a bunch of ideas to keep the boys happy and busy the whole weekend.

1. Pot Dispensary Tour

Denver, CO You can buy weed here. Really, No one cares at all. It’s just pot.

This is the most obvious reason Denver has become the most popular place to party before you get married. WEED IS LEGAL in Colorado. You can go to any number of stores and buy an 8th of chronic or edibles with just a valid ID if you are over 21. Finding a location to smoke it can be a bit more challenging. Some hotels and hostels will allow it, or you can get an Airbnb that is okay with cannabis. It’s okay to blaze on private property if it’s out of site of the pubic like a back yard. Also party buses are considered private property, so if you have an afternoon to cruise around and get stoned, a safe ride in a chartered party bus can be a fun way to see the city.

2. See Red Rocks Amphitheater and Park

Fun Ideas for bachelor parties in denver in Denver
Best way to spend an evening with the boys. See a red rocks show.

This is a great way to spend an evening with the boys. Red Rocks plays show about 7 months a year. It’s season correlates with wedding season so there is a good chance shows will be playing during your bachelor party in Denver. It’s such an awesome venue that you should go see a show even if you don’t love the band. It’s still a great time to be out under the stars and party with your friends. Check out who is playing at red rocks the weekend that your bachelor party is in town.

3. Riding the Rocky Mountains

Some of the best mountains in the country are only 2 hours from Denver

Colorado’s Summit county has 6 great ski resorts. Arapahoe Basin will stay open until July on good years. Yes you can ski well into summer! Prices for lift tickets can range from $70 early and late season all the way up to $190 during peak season. It recommended that you skip the busiest times like Christmas and MLK weekend. You are defiantly going to have a better time going up on a weekday as well. If you are having a Denver bachelor party in the colder months, make a trip up one of the epic ski resorts.

4. Shotgun Willies Gentleman’s Club

A high class strip club open late every night

No bachelor party in Denver in complete without a stop at Shotgun Willie’s It has a great reputation in Denver. They are know for beautiful women and late night drinking. This is the only bar in all of Denver that you can drink until 4AM. Get there before 10:30PM for free entry.

5. Stay in old church converted to stag house

Church Party House for Bachelor Parties
Best place to stay for a bachelor party in Denver

This old church is only 1 mile from downtown Denver. It makes an awesome bachelor party spot. Comes with room for 12 or more guys to crash or stay up all night in a weekend bender. It’s around $600 per night which is not bad when split up. Get a keg of local colorado beer for the weekend and you’re set.

6. White water rafting on Clear Creek

Bachelor Party Rafting Denver
45 minutes from Denver is an adventure any bachelor party should consider

Make a reservation to go white water rafting with your whole bachelor party in Clear Creek County only 45 minutes from Denver. No experience necessary. The guilds will provide boats, life jackets and instructions. The water is cold so dress warm in cloths that can wick moisture. This is a super fun way to bond with the guys in the first part of the day. Plan on spending about 4 hours total up there. Many groups book a party bus to get them up there and back.

7. Brewery Tour of Colorado’s Craft Beer Kings

Brewery Tours for Bachelor parties
Take a tour of some of the best breweries in Colorado

Get your friends together to do a brewery crawl for a few hours or all day. There are a number of breweries in Denver near the RiNo area or go for the bigger ones in Fort Collins and Boulder like Avery, Left Hand and Fort Collins Brewery. You should get a party bus for the bigger ones, but Ubers would be cheaper if you are staying around Denver.

8. Blackhawk Casinos if you are feeling lucky

Bus to Blackhawk
Ameristar Casino is big and great for bachelor parties

Just about a 45 minute drive from downtown Denver is a little mini Vegas in the mountains. It is the only place with legal gambling near by. There are a dozen or so casinos with every game you can imagine available plus great restaurants and bars. On the weekends after 9, you can find DJs and dancing at Ameristar Casino. You can take the old people bus up for free but there is no alcohol allowed. A private party bus for 12 guys would be around $50 per person.

9. Bar hopping in LoDo

Lodo Bars
Denver Bars

Spend one night at the bars around 20th and Market St and you will know why so many young people are moving to Denver. This is one of the best places in the world to meet a romantic partner on the dance floor or by the bar. People are friendly and love having drinks, lots of drinks. If you want to walk a few blocks to 26th and Larimer there is a whole other bar scene in the Rino area.

10. Group Paintball Reservation

Get your Bachelor Party together to shoot people for fun. You can gang up against other players for team building or divid up and shoot each other. Either way you will have stories to tell for years to come. Paintball Adventures is about 45 minutes south of Denver and take reservations for lager parties. You can have unlimited paint and air for a set amount of time. 3 hours is usually enough time to have a blast.


All of these activities are in and around Denver. If you need transportation to any of these events, High City Limo has party buses that can hold up to 23 people. Expect $125 per hour plus tip.

Call / Text 720-515-2033 for availability

5 hour minimum on Fridays and Saturdays after 5PM