1 thing you must know before taking an uber to Red Rocks

Uber to Red Rocks?

I remember Denver before Uber and Lyft. You had to call a cab company and wait 45 minutes or more to get to a pickup. When these 2 popular ride sharing apps hit Denver, that all changed. You could a ride a 5 minutes if conditions were right. But, we all know that conditions are not always lined up for a cheap, quick ride. There are time you could get stuck in a nightmarish, perfect storm of  transportation scarcity.

Halloween 2013, The worst Uber experience!

“We got there and he pressed the thing on his phone and it said, $539,‚ÄĚ

Fox news Denver reported a STORY about a young man and his girlfriend being charged $539 for going 18 miles. Trying to avoid a DUI is a good idea. But when you are in a situation where a lot of people want a ride from one place and there are a limited number of drivers, your wallet will pay the price. I’m telling you smart young people in Denver will all pitch in on a Party Bus to Red Rocks.

A great alternative is: a party bus to Red Rocks

Party Bus to Red Rocks

Rather than risking having to wait 30 minutes in the cold only to pay surge pricing, consider a better alternative. You can actually charter your own private luxury transportation for only $25 per person. It gets better. You can drink on a party bus with your friends, but you can’t do that in an Uber. Party buses usually allow you to bring a cooler stocked with your favorite drinks. Not only will you save money by drinking before you go into the show, but you will have beer for the way home and the after party. Liquor stores close at midnight, so that cooler may be the only chance you have to continue partying. The other big advantage is being able to lock your things up. If you take uber, you have to travel light. No extra jacket, just in case. No Sandwiches for the way home. You will feel nice knowing that your little home away from home is parked right where you left it in the Red Rocks party bus lot.